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KYMERA eliminates 99% of the hassle of getting out on the water, it can be stored in a cupboard, transported in a car, carried by hand, and recharged from any outlet. Kymera is the all-new, fully electric, modern take on a jet ski that fits in your car.

discover a new way to explore, without limitations.
Kymera opens up a whole new world of exploration possibilities, just get in the car and go.

Our proprietary lithium-ion battery
is at the heart of what we do. The 1.6kWh 55v power system will allow riders to enjoy Kymera for up to one and a half hours.

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Everything you need to know

Both top end performance and acceleration are variable based on a rider’s weight, riding conditions, salt or fresh water, and several other factors. On average, Kymera will reach speeds of 20mph. This is based on a rider’s weight of 85kgs. The body board form factor was driven by a lower centre of gravity being much easier for anyone to learn and being closer to the water makes every speed feel faster.  We found the same perception of speed at 40mph on a jet ski, as our board at 20mph. 

Each battery has two different settings. The first setting is the max speed setting and is what people enjoy when the battery is fully charged. This will run anywhere from 25 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours based on speed and riding conditions. Then, the reserve speed setting kicks in and allows a rider an additional 30 minutes (at 3mph) to return to shore. Generally, a rider would not run the board at full speed for a full 25 minutes, so on average a rider should get around 45-55 minutes of use, then an additional 30 minute reserve speed at 3mph. 

If the battery is fully discharged, it will take approximately 8 hours to get back to 100%. Many people choose to purchase an additional battery so they can charge one whilst using the other. We also sell a fast charger which will charge an empty battery from 0 to 100% in 2 hours.

Kymera puts out a thrust of 5hp from a 5000Watt electric motor, powered by a 200Ah 1.6kWh proprietary lithium-ion battery. 

Although the board could be taken into waves, Kymera was designed to be used on calmer flatter waters. Performance will likely be minimal in rough conditions. 

Kymera has a recommended weight capacity of 100kgs/220lbs, for optimum performance we recommend a rider to be 90kgs or under. These recommended limits are in place to we can offer all riders an optimal ride experience. If the boards are being used for water rescue then a different set of limits will apply, which can be specified directly with our team at kymera@campingworld.co.uk.

Properly maintained and flushed through after every use, our boards will last years and years and years..  We have customers from our first batch of boards (sold over 7 years ago) still using with no issues or replacement parts required yet. The battery will get 300 recharges at full capacity, after that it will start to decrease over time charging to only 85% and will continue to decrease as the years go on. On average people will charge their boards 15 times per year, so you’re sure to have years and years of fun before having to worry about replacing the battery.

A properly maintained Kymera Board will not require servicing from a third party. To ensure the boards longevity, it’s critical our maintenance procedures are followed. It’s far easier to prevent an issue from arising, than to fix one once it’s happened. As with most personal watercrafts, salt ingress and debris are the two main culprits for issues arising. Thankfully, both issues are easily preventable by following our prevention and maintenance guidelines. View our Maintenance page.

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Kymera is the next evolution in personal watercrafts

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