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Kymera is the original and world's first Jet Propultion Electric Body Board. Originating on the California Coast in 2011, it was clear that fuel costs, towing, launching, and strorage were just some of the obstacles preventing people from pursuing watersports.

Jason Woods came up with the idea for the kymera body board when he was just 19. Like many other inventors, he faced a frustration he couldn’t find the answer to, and so he came up with his own solution..

Our electric-powered boards are not only an exciting new way for people of all ages to enjoy the water, theyre also an invaluable tool for first responders and emergency water rescue.

Kymera has been brought to the UK exclusively by Camping & Leisure World, an established retailer within the Outdoor Leisure sector. Camping World handles all sales, distrobution, customer service and maintenance for Kymera Jet Boards.

Camping World have been retailing for over 20 years and have stores across the south east as well as a global ecommerce business. Kymera Jet Boards are currently available at all Camping World locations across West Sussex, Dorset, Hampsire and Essex.

Camping World Horsham

Camping World's flagship store in Horsham, West Sussex.

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