Electric Jet Boards are leading the way in sustainable watercraft ownership and water sports.

Water sports, on the face of it, seem the kind of healthy outdoor activities that should be as good for the planet as they are for us. But whenever they involve a combustion engine, they inevitably become just as damaging as any other activity involving a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. In fact, during their jet ski campaign, environmental group Blue Water Network (now merged with Friends of the Earth) said that running a two-stroke motor on a jet ski for one hour causes as much hydrocarbon pollution as a 5,000-mile car journey—and that as much as 25% of its fuel fails to combust, flushing out into the water and damaging marine biodiversity. 

Kymera is the modern take on a portable watercraft that fits in your car, can be launched from anywhere, and most of all is sustainable for our planet. 

There are an increasing number of lakes and rivers with restrictions, or even outright bans, on motorised watersports that use conventional combustion-engines, in an understandable bid to keep their spaces clean, quiet and emission-free. However, these places often welcome environmentally friendly vehicles and boards, giving owners of electric jet boards a greater choice of locations.

Green is good