Kymera Electric Jet Powered Bodyboards

Freedom to explorer, without limitations.
KYMERA eliminates 99% of the hassle of getting out on the water, it can be stored in a cupboard, transported in a car, carried by hand, and recharged from any outlet. Kymera is the all-new, fully electric, modern take on a jet ski that fits in your car.

      Kymera originated in 2011 on the California coast. It was clear that fuel costs, towing, launching, and storage were just some of the obstacles that prevented people from pursuing water sports. So, Kymera developed a solution to give everyone the ability to have fun on the water without all the hassles and expenses associated with conventional watercrafts. The Kymera Body Board is the world’s first and only electric-powered body board. It is affordable, light enough to carry, and easy to transport.

      This electric-powered board is not only an exciting new way for people to enjoy the water, it’s also an invaluable tool for emergency services that need to keep others safe out on the water. The Kymera Body Board has been recognized for helping lifeguards, police, fire departments, and military personnel do their jobs more effectively. Kymera is the next evolution in personal electric-powered sports. We are a PopSci Invention award winner, and we have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank (US Dragon's Den) twice. Kymera is sold and distributed exclusively by Camping & Leisure World in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

      Launch Anywhere
      The Kymera bodyboard has been developed to give everyone the ability to have fun on the water with out all the hassles and expense of conventional watercraft. Fuel costs, towing, launching, and storage are just a few of the stresses that keep most people from pursuing water sports. At only 32kg Kymera is easily transported in any compact car. It can also be carried to the water by a single person and launched by hand with no need for a ramp. Its simple and fuel efficient design keeps both the construction and operating costs affordable on any budget. In short, Kymera is the next evolution in personal water sports.

      Product Dimensions: 206cm x 81cm x 30cm
      Product Weight: Board 21kg, Battery 11kg
      Propulsion: Axial Flow Jetdrive 
      Horse Power: 5

      Each Board Contains:

      • 1 Body Board
      • 1 Kymera Battery (1.6kwh)
      • 1 Battery Transport Case
      • 1 Battery Charger 
      • 1 Year Warranty*